Society of Speech & Language Therapists (SSLT) is a non-political voluntary professional organization. In 2004 the 5 year bachelor program of Speech & Language Therapy (including 1 year mandatory internship) was started under the medicine faculty of the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (BHPI). As the qualified Speech & Language Therapists started their professional practice they found that malpractice had already became a threat and the maintaining standard and novelty of Speech & Language Therapy education was another bigger issue. Besides, there was no training, continuous professional development and awareness. Clients could not judge properly to receive proper treatment and advices for their conditions such as communication, swallowing difficulties and disabilities due to lack of awareness about qualified Speech & Language Therapists. Even patient was not referred to Speech & Language Therapists by other health care professionals.

According to the report of the world health organization (WHO) 15%, people of the world are somehow disabled of whom 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning. Bangladeshi people have the same right to education, health and work but the people who have the communication difficulties or disorder are in the lack of these equitable rights. But these people also have the special qualities that they can contribute to our society and country. No progress can be made without the contribution of them in the country.

So, Society of Speech & Language Therapists (SSLT) was formed in 2017 in recognition of Bangladesh Government. The emergent need of preventing malpractice and ensuring quality of standard education demanded the existence of a national Speech & Language Therapists organization.

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